About Us

It started an unbound love and bondage for pets in the family and then developed to a collective experience of more than 26 years in the pet industry in different pet related areas.

We are one of the leading distributor of veterinary medicines and stockiest of all veterinary pharmaceutical brands. A joint program with eminent homeopathy doctors was successfully initiated by us for treating chronic diseases in pets.

Today we offers quality pet products from leading brands (PetAg milk replacer,Food supplement,Genesis & Chicopee petfoods,Gold Medal shampoo,Grooming products)across the world.

We enhance Our Service: Providing the Necessary Care, Creating A Dog Friendly Home, Building Social Skills, Interaction with Children, Pet Interaction, Basic Training And Obedience, General & Specific Nutrition, Outdoor Exercise.


Acting in an environmentally responsible fashion, our company is dedicated to protecting pets and enhancing their wellbeing, using relevant products, made in an environmentally responsible fashion. As a company committed to the care of animals, we recognize that the earth the nurtures us al,, and must always be respected and protected. Our concern started based on Pure Love & the Bonding of our family with pets. This developed into a firm relationship with the Pet Industry, focusing on Pet Foods & correct nutrition, along with relevant & safe, Pet Friendly, Medicare products. We have about 25 years experience in the field. We have even pioneered some of our own formulations, which have been proven in use. Being a leading Distributor of veterinary medicines & stockiest of leading pharmaceutical brands .We innovated & began a joint program with eminent homeopathy doctors introducing successfully these formulations for effective treating of chronic diseases in pets.


Today we are able to offer quality pet products from leading brands with premium products like (PetAg Milk Replacer Food Supplements in the face of various nutritional deficiencies. Genesis & Chicopee classic line, Chicopee Holistic natural line Pet Foods. Great care with lot of commitment and value based research goes into sourcing and launching of the best global brands in our marketing of products in the Indian market. We have now started a Pet Grooming Salon & Spa (another milestone). We are a full service grooming salon that was created for pet lovers -BY pet lovers! We employ only the best groomers, in our area, who are both patient and gentle with each dog or cat. Empathizing & without duress, when they have the privilege of grooming your pet. We market the world famous Gold Medal Shampoo & grooming products. We use the same, with your permission, at the Spa. The Pet Spa aims to give your dog the very best care in a friendly & professional manner. We treat the pets as we would our own & our handling of the dog & fraternizing is as important as the grooming, which adds to the wellbeing of the animal. This is our PASSION and it shows through, on the happy faces and wagging tails of our satisfied furry customers & their relieved owners.

Our Services

  • Pre - Bathing : DeMatting of coats by brushing, & removal of tangles in long haired dogs. To give a silky smooth look to your beautiful dog. Shampoo suited to the Coat Type of Your Dog
  • Special Massage Shampoo rubbed into the Coat, for deep cleaning and stress relief
  • Pre-Bathing : Clean Ears (Cleaning, Plucking) and Eyes, Teeth & Anal gland cleaning.
  • Pre-Bathing : Brush out Mats and Tangles – Special Treatment
  • Bathing Hair Bows for the Ladies or Bandanas for the Guys
  • Choose a Shampoo Suited to the Coat Type of Your Dog
  • Massage Shampoo into the Coat for deep cleaning and stress relief
  • Drying : Towel Dry by Hand or Use A Special Dog Approved Dryer
  • Nails : Trim Toe Nails with Care or File with Emery Board, & Polish.
  • Hair Clipping?? – Let’s leave hair cutting to the Professional Groomer
  • Scented Grooming Sprays for Long Haired Dogs or Colognes for Short Coats


  • Basic grooming includes: Bathing, drying, brushing, clipping, and styling, ear cleaning, & nail trimming.
  • Basic grooming prices vary by breed, size, coat condition, and dog’s temperament.
  • Estimates given on examination of your pet.
  • Most dogs groomed in two hours, and pets should be picked up when done.
  • Allow an extra half hour for Spa Treatments.
  • We encourage visits to our grooming shop. Please feel free to come in for a visit prior to scheduling your first grooming appointment.


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The Petsspa - Mumbai

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